5 day program for immune system strengthening

5 day program for immune system strengthening

7 steps to health and beauty

Who is the program for?

To businessmen with stressful jobs, couples, individuals, guests of all ages, all who enjoy nature, the spiritually aware, all who want to get to know themselves and change their thinking patterns and live a new life, and all who want to strengthen their immune system. No prior knowledge of qi gong is required.

Short program description

The 7 Steps to Health and Beauty program is an exclusive program run exclusively by the Bled Rose Hotel in Bled. The program is carried out in a completely renovated hotel, located in the immediate vicinity of Lake Bled.

The foundation of a long, healthy and happy life is a strong immune system that we need to nurture regularly. And proverbially, we are aware of the importance of health only when it is seriously threatened or damaged. So, take care of yourselves before this happens to you.

Investing in a healthy lifestyle and strengthening your immune system is something that pays off quickly and protects you in the long run. Bled Rose Hotel is a 30 to 120 minute drive away from all major Bike Parks. They are located in the heart of beautiful nature, forests, peaks and close to clear waters. They offer trails for complete beginner cyclists, family cycling, as well as adrenaline-fueled endurance and downhill descents


The program includes:

  • Accommodation in a double room.
  • Welcome drink.
  • 4 breakfasts and dinners, where all meals are adapted to the workshop, seasonal and wholesome with a choice of vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free menu or menu to strengthen the immune system.
  • Daily detox drink for a youthful appearance and detox drink for the immune system (at breakfast).
  • Daily guided exercise to strengthen the immune system – QI GONG, which is performed in two locations, in the Bled Rose Hotel and in Pokljuka, a treasure trove of forests and fresh air.
  • A recording of exercises to continue exercising at home.
  • Organized transfer to Pokljuka and back.
  • Every day an evening sound bath to calm and regulate energy in the body.
  • Visit to the 26 energy points at Pokljuka.
  • Daily visit to the golden energy Point, a valuable specialty of our hotel, to which you will always be able to return.
  • If desired, a picnic basket or backpack with themed meals, tied to the season, for possible excursions to the Bled area.
  • Unlimited use of the heated indoor pool with RGB lighting and ambient music.
  • Use of Finnish and Turkish saunas.
  • Possibility to rent trekking poles for free.
  • Discount when renting ordinary and electric bicycles.
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The natural path to health

Through interesting content offered by Qi gong and sound baths, the program participants will return to their natural way of life and, through seven activities, learn about the natural path to health:

Movement: We will avoid premature aging of the organism and choose a mode of movement that strengthens all the internal organs of the body and collects fresh life force.

Thinking: When we have a diffused mind, we damage our internal organs, when we are overactive, we damage our joints. Therefore, we will direct the mind so that it will generate power and gather life force.

Emotion: It takes a person between 20 minutes and 2 hours a day to halt the emotions. Strong emotions cannot be resolved by reason. It is necessary to move the body and the functioning of the internal organs.

Breathing: Breath is an invisible connection to the cosmos that keeps us alive. When we breathe naturally, deeply and calmly, the door of life opens wide. When our breath is shallow, the water from the bladder no longer evaporates and our body begins to slowly dry out like a branch on a tree.

Sleep and rest: Hours before midnight are considered double at bedtime. Only between 10 pm and midnight is the hormone melatonin formed, which promotes cell growth and renewal. Does your body have a constant rhythm of sleeping and getting up

Nutrition: If we eat the best organic food and drink the best water, we have no guarantee that our body will be fed well. The healthiest food is our satisfied mind.

Natural sexuality: sexual energy is the strongest human energy on the physical plane and multiplies everything it encounters. In order to maintain health and vitality, sexual energy must be awakened every day and nourished by all the cells of the body.

Program description

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  • After accommodation in selected rooms, we invite you to Rose wellness, where you will prepare your body for the 5 exceptional days that lie ahead by relaxing in the indoor heated pool and the wonderful world of saunas.
  • Allow us to remind you at the outset that you will be able to arrange free rental of hiking trekkers, bicycle rental, rental of a backpack for lunch or dinner, and a map.
  • Pleasantly tired, you will be strengthened in the evening by a rich and delicious dinner at the Rose restaurant, which is served from 19.00 onwards and at which we suggest quality Slovenian wines or other drinks from the rich Rose Bar offer to accompany it. Do not forget the rich offer of teas from Gorenjska region.
  • After dinner, at 8.30 pm, there will be an introductory meeting where we will present the content and schedule of the program and introduce you to a very special element of our hotel, the Golden energy Point, where you will hear and feel your body, heartbeat, breathing and feel the relaxation and connection of your being to reach your full energy potentials and to fell the energy of the universe.
  • After the meeting, a special feature of the evening will be the sound bath, where sounds created by gongs and other instruments will take you to your inner world and help you to calm and relax completely. For millennia, sound has been used as a tool for awakening deep states of consciousness, relaxing the body and correcting energy imbalances. And the location and positive energy of the Bled Rose hotel contributes to the deep experience that lays ahead.
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  • The day will start with a delicious breakfast at our restaurant. You will boost your energy with detox and immune boosters that you can make yourself. More information about the benefits of drinks and their composition will be provided by our professional and friendly staff in the restaurant.
  • At 9.00 we start with the first two-hour workshop, which consists of Qi gong practice and theoretical workshops, which in case of warm and dry weather are conducted on the green in front of the hotel, otherwise in the hotel, and under the watchful eye of an experienced and internationally renowned therapist. Qi Gong is the skill of cultivating vital energy. It consists of gentle, attention-oriented movements and simultaneous conscious breathing. The skill was developed by ancient sages in China, who lived in constant contact with nature and learned the path through which vital energy circulates in nature and in man. The exercises are always the same in content and length and are more than ideal for performing at home.
  • Rose restaurant prepares delicious and balanced meals daily, so we suggest you have lunch in our restaurant or take a meal in a nice picnic backpack with you if you decide to take a longer walk or see one of the Bled sights.
  • From 3:00 pm, Qi gong guided exercise will be held to strengthen the immune system, this time at Pokljuka, in the treasury of forests and freshness. A special feature of this beautiful place are the special spruces, whose wood is resonant and is used to carve the best musical instruments. In a magical environment, exercise, due to high vibrations, will have an even more positive effect. We will take care of transportation at the Bled Rose Hotel.
  • After returning to the hotel, there will be a buffet dinner, which will be served from 19:00. A variety of flavours await you, also in tune with the current season and prepared from natural, locally grown ingredients. With a delicious dinner, we will suggest excellent Slovenian wines or other drinks from the rich Rose Bar offer to accompany it.
  • After dinner, we invite you to socialize by the open fire in the hotel garden, where we also suggest the Rose house cocktail, which will add a touch of relaxation and closeness
  • Before going to bed, there it is time, where the sounds created with gongs and other instruments will take you into your inner world and help you to calm down and relax completely.
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  •  This day begins with a delicious breakfast as well, which is served from 7.00 am, and a mandatory visit to the Golden energy Point, where we calm down internally and look forward to a wonderful day, which certainly lies ahead of us.
  • Breakfast is followed by another two hours of quality time with Qi gong practice and a theoretical workshop, between 9.00 and 11.00.
  • A delicious, balanced lunch made with local ingredients will be served at our Rose Restaurant from 12:00 noon or prepared in a picnic basket that you can take to your preferred location.
  • After lunch, at 13.00, we return to the treasury of forests and fresh air again to Pokljuka, where we visit 26 energy points. Healing sites have a beneficial effect on health and well-being without the individual being aware of it and independent of his or her beliefs. At each point, it is written which disease it cures and what the recommended time is. Even after a short stay in this area (on average 8 to 30 minutes, depending on the location), blockages begin to release and a more balanced flow of energy through the body is established. Exceptional healing radiation at Praprotnica was discovered decades ago by Swiss radioesthetists. The return to the hotel is scheduled in the late afternoon, at 6 pm, each of us devoting different time to different points. Pokljuka offers much more at the same time and we can also enjoy time there simply by walking or relaxing.
  • Upon returning to the hotel and a short refreshment, you will have dinner, which will be served from 19.00 onwards and where you will find a variety of flavors of natural ingredients, all grown locally. The ingredients are always linked to the season. With a delicious dinner, we will suggest excellent Slovenian wines or other drinks from the rich Rose Bar offer to accompany it or a rich selection of teas from Gorenjska region.
  • After dinner, you will enjoy a sonic bath. The sounds created by gongs and other instruments will calm you down and release you completely, which will also affect the quality of your sleep.
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  • For breakfast, rich in local ingredients, do not forget about detox drinks and potions to boost the immune system. We are all aware of the fact that our immune system is the only thing we can 100% rely on.
  • We will continue the day with a guided Qi gong exercise by the pool, which will slowly become a must morning habit and a must activity, and with theoretical workshops, where we will learn how important it is to work on yourself.
  • Make sure you also take a walk to our golden energy point, the special feature of our hotel, to which you will always love to return.
  • Alternatively, after exercise, you can make your own day; take a walk around the lake, climb to Bled Castle or take a boat ride to an island on the lake. Also ring the wishing bell, which the locals say really fulfils every hidden wish.
  • A delicious, balanced lunch prepared from local ingredients will be served in the beautiful Rose Restaurant from 12:00 onwards or prepared in a picnic basket, which you can take to your chosen location if you decide to take a trip to the surrounding areas.
  • In the late afternoon, from 4:00 pm, followed by an afternoon Qi gong workout on the grass near the hotel overlooking the beautiful park and Lake Bled. Exercise can be performed outside, regardless of weather conditions, through exercise we achieve complete adaptation to the environment and temperature. An obligatory supplement to the exercise is an obligatory educational theoretical workshop.
  • Following is a buffet dinner at the Bled Rose Hotel.
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  • We start the last day with breakfast at the Rose restaurant accompanied by detox drinks, which you can also prepare yourself.
  • At 9.00 am, the last Qi gong practice and the accompanying theoretical workshop will follow, which will take care of the flow of energy in your body and, above all, that your immune system will be constantly working at full speed. This will also maintain a strong and healthy body that can withstand all challenges.
  • In addition, we suggest detox potion for boosting the immune system and detox potion for youthful appearance. The recipe of both is prepared according to the instructions and guidelines of professional institutions and made exclusively from fresh and high-quality ingredients.
  • At the end of the program, we also recommend that you enjoy lunch at our Rose Restaurant if you wish, and finally try our famous cream cake.
  • Take a walk around Lake Bled, where you will finally discover that Bled is truly a paradise on earth worth returning to, while admiring its natural beauties.


We carry out a 5-day program once a month in terms of:

  • 23.06. – 28.06.
  • 21.07. – 26.07.
  • 25.08. – 30.08.
  • 22.09. – 27.09.
  • 20.10. – 25.10.
  • 17.11. – 22.11.


Package price:

*for a package of 4 nights / 5 days the price is valid for registration of at least 5 people

Tourist tax and registration are not included in the price and are paid separately.


Want to know more?

Contact us at hotel@bledrose.com or call +386 (0) 4 579 6000

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From 197 € per person per night*

*for a package of 4 nights / 5 days

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