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What are cookies?

A cookie is a text file containing the data about your visit to a website that is stored in your device. Cookies allow a website to remember the user’s preferences and experiences so it runs faster and more efficiently; they also simplify browsing. Cookies usually contain: the name of the server from which the cookie was sent; the cookie lifetime and a value that is usually a randomly generated unique number.

The cookies are stored under the control of your browser. The user may limit or disable the storage of cookies, however these limitations may prevent the website from functioning properly, or some content will not be displayed or some functionalities of the site will not be accessible. Cookies are not harmful and are always time-limited.

Cookies are used by most websites; without them the use of websites would be affected. They are used for:

  • providing visitor statistics,
  • collecting information about the habits of users (number of visits, content interesting for users, etc.) to help improve your user experience and assess the efficiency of the website design,
  • their function of storing information about the status of each website (language selection, number of displayed results, font size, etc.),
  • baskets in online stores (registration, basket contents, etc.),
  • re-using the decisions you made (for example the language and currency you selected),
  • displaying advanced content on the website (such as maps, video viewing, newsletter subscription),
  • supporting social network plugins (for example liking or sharing),
  • to display ads relevant for the user.

Cookies may be transient (session cookies) which means they are used only during your visit of the website and are deleted when you close the browser; or they may be persistent, meaning they will remain on your device after you have left the site, until you delete them yourself or they are deleted by your browser after a certain time.


Which cookies are we using?

Here is a list of all cookies used by the Bled Rose Hotel website to enable the fast and simple use of our website according to your preferences. We defined their storage period, purpose of data processing and the data controller.

We use: strictly necessary cookies, technical cookies, functionality cookies, analytical cookies and cookies for advertising and profiling. The cookies alone do not allow to identify you. The information obtained by means of cookies is anonymous and does not allow a specific personal identification without other means of identification.


Strictly necessary cookies

Without these cookies the website or parts of the website would not function properly, so they are downloaded the moment you visit our website. The cookies are set and controlled by Bled Rose Hotel. The cookies help us to display content, enable the functionality of the website, allow forms, the basket and other important elements of the website to work. They are only active for the duration of the session and do not collect analytical and other data about your visit.

Ime piškotka

Cookie Name Use Expiry  Company
_cfduid Securit 1 year Bled Rose hotel
gdpr_cookie Compliance Persistent Bled Rose hotel


Analytical cookies

The analytical cookies are managed by the Bled Rose Hotel and data can also be provided to Google Analytics used to measure the visit and usage of our web pages. All collected data are anonymous and in aggregated form and used only to measure the statistics of visits to our web pages; these data are not used for advertising, your identity is not disclosed to us and we do not share these data with third parties. These are installed as soon as you land on our web page. The use of analytical cookies can be disabled by changing your browser settings. If you change your browser settings, you might not be able to use the full extent of all functionalities of this website.

Cookie Name Use Expiry  Company
_ga Web traffic analysis 2 years Google Analytics
_gid Web traffic analysis 2 years Google Analytics


Third-party analytical and functional cookies

These cookies provide a simple and friendly user experience with the correct functioning of social network plugins (for example to like and share Facebook contents) and related analytics. They are placed on your device by social networks (e.g. Facebook, Google). These data are anonymous and can be available to the Bled Rose Hotel or the service provider providing the functionalities.

By disabling third-party cookies you will disable access to some content, liking and content sharing and the displaying of video content (YouTube). Online ads may still be displayed, but they will not be adapted to your wishes and might not be interesting to you.

Cookie name Use Expiry Company
_fbp Advertising 1 day Facebook


Managing and deleting cookies

On our website you can control the type of cookies installed. The cookies will not be used to collect your personally identifiable data. The website will remember your choice by storing the cookie [“cookieconsent_status”], which is one of the strictly necessary cookies. You can change your cookie preferences at any time under the detailed settings.

Before disabling a specific cookie type, please read above about their intended purpose and how we are using them. It can happen that changing the settings will affect your user experience, that some content or video content will not be displayed and that some functionalities of the web page will not function. If you wish to use these, you will have to find and change the cookie settings. You can accept or reject all cookies or only specific type of cookies. You can also delete the cookies that were installed on your device.

For more information please write to: hotel@bledrose.com.

If you reject certain cookies or disable them, but later request a service that uses these cookies, we will enable these cookies for you. We do this, for example, if you subscribe to our newsletter or send data using the provided forms. By using this functionality you request to use an online service fully provided by Bledrose Hotel hotelska in turistična dejavnost d.o.o , which may include additional installations of cookies to be used for analysis, the personalised display of contents, commercial content and the functioning of social network plugins. Bledrose Hotel hotelska in turistična dejavnost d.o.o protects your personal data; read more about it in our Privacy Policy.

By selecting “I agree” or “I disagree” you can control which cookies are installed on your device by our website.

own functional cookies
They are necessary for the website to function.
Cookies are always installed
Own analytical cookies
Anonymous and aggregated visit statistics with masked IP addresses.
You agree to cookies if you use this website..
Third-party functional cookies
Cookies for the operation of YouTube videos, etc.
Third-party analytical cookies
Sharing of content on our website with social networks and analysis of your use of the plug-in (e.g. Facebook likes).
Third-party advertising cookies
If you disable it, the ads on the Internet will still be displayed, but they will not be of interest to you.

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