Magical like Bled

Magical like Bled

Magical like Bled

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Experience the relaxed atmosphere and comfort of a 4-star hotel on the unique location by the shore of Lake Bled, just behind a park. Just like the environment, the hotel's interior is luxurious and soothing, sprinkled with the good energy of nature surrounding it. Visit us and create new memories.

Welcome bikers!

Bled Rose is a biker-friendly hotel, with its own, free parking, a 24-hour front desk and a well-stocked Lounge bar overlooking the lake. Hotels relaxed comfort will offer you the perfect resting ground after a busy tour and an ideal setting for thinking about new motorcycling ventures.
Bled is an excellent starting point for exploring new and breathtaking views of its nearby and far of roads.

The good energy of Bled

The view of the idyllic Lake Bled moves every visitor, but there is much more to find behind this beautiful picture. Bled attracts many visitors from all around the world with its special good energy. Inspired by history and recognising signals from the environment, they discover special energy spots in Bled and its surroundings and enjoy their positive effects. We do not wish to discuss here whether these are mysterious forces from the depths or from space – but with us you will feel the good energy of Bled with every step.

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Adventure vacations

You can certainly indulge in pampering and relaxation. You deserve it. However, Bled Rose Hotel and Bled with its surroundings, will challenge your R&R plans with a rich selection of activities as well as sports and adventure experiences. There is a great risk that this will ignite a passion for being active and adventurous, and you will end up spending your holiday quite differently than first imagined.

The rose you must taste

The rose is by far the most popular flower in the world. It symbolises love, compassion, friendship. Rose oil is highly appreciated in the production of fragrances and cosmetics. But you might not know that the rose is edible, too. In the right hands its fragrant petals become an ingredient of delicate desserts and at our hotel also an original house cocktail. Only one sip of this elegant and refreshing drink will enchant you.


For a fairy-tale wedding you need a fairy-tale location and an organising team. Our wedding planners and the almost unearthly beauty of Bled will make your dreams come true.

Business events

Let us organise your business event in one of our conference halls with all required equipment. Together, we will organise an event that will inspire, educate and thrill.


Enjoy Rose restaurant’s gourmet creation, where traditional Slovenian cuisine meets modern culinary trends. Visit us and try the original Bled Rose treats.


Enter the Rose wellness centre and discover the best in you. Our wellness centre, to which stress has no admission, has been designed with your best comfort and relaxation in mind.

Experiences, events and packages

Experience more than just Bled from a postcard. Take the time to yourself and spend some unforgettable days accompanied by our exquisite cuisine, breathtaking views and pamperings for your body and soul.

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