4-day program with nature and nature to compliance

Short program description

Match the daily cycle and you will embark on the path of longevity.
Capture the annual cycle and you will gain health.
Follow both cycles and your immune system will thank you immensely.
Align with yourself and the nature that surrounds us.

This is a very special program that will allow you to reconnect with one another through the cycles of nature and discover the natural pathways through which life energy circulates in nature and in human.

The program takes place in the renewed ambience of the Bled Rose Hotel and in the heart of the indescribably beautiful nature, which is imbibed with positive energy.

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The program contains:

  • Accommodation in a comfortable double room;
  • 3 times breakfast and dinner – the food is always prepared with fresh ingredients of mainly local origin and adapted to the cycle of the seasons;
  • 3 delicious and balanced lunches served at the Rose Restaurant or in a picnic basket – our culinary chefs are always orientated to the season’s choices;
  • Selection of many detox drinks, one of which is to boost your immune system;
  • A daily guided Qi gong workout that is important for:
      •   Easier morning awakening,
      •   Digestion regulation,
      •   Maintaining a strong immune system throughout the year,
      •   Relaxation of the whole body,
      •   Eliminating insomnia,
      •   Evening calm
  • Daily theoretical workshops for improving the well-being and strengthening of the immune system;
  • Daily sound bath, complete relaxation of mind and body at bedtime;
  • A daily visit to the unique Golden Energy Point, a valuable feature of our hotel;
  • Unlimited use of heated indoor pool with RGB lighting and ambient music;
  • Unlimited use of Finnish and Turkish saunas;
  • Unlimited use of outdoor jacuzzi and outdoor sauna;
  • Expert management of workshops with experienced trainers;
  • Free exercise video for home use;
  • We will give you a healthy and useful Rose package;
  • We will organize an unforgettable night hike around Lake Bled;
  • We offer free rental of walking sticks and a discount for renting bicycles and electric bicycles;
  • Late check out is possible.
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Program description

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  • Arrival to the Bled Rose hotel and accommodation in selected rooms, where a specially designed Rose package with little attention and information will delight you.
  • We recommend that you try to forget about your daily routine and relax in our idyllic Rose Wellness, where you can swim in the indoor pool, use one of the saunas or relax in the outdoor jacuzzi.
  • Following is a dinner that will be served from 7pm onwards, where you can enjoy the varied flavours of natural ingredients, all locally sourced. The ingredients are always seasonally related. Each evening, you can choose from a vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free menu and a menu for boosting your immune system.
  • After dinner, at 8.30 pm, we invite you to an introduction meeting where we will present the contents and schedule of the program and introduce you to the very special offer at our hotel, that is, the Golden Energy Point, where you will hear and feel your body, your heartbeat, be aware of breathing, feel relaxed and connected to your being with the energy potentials and energy of the universe.
  • A special feature of the first day will be the sound bath before bedtime, where sounds created by gongs and other instruments will take you to your inner world and help to calm and relax completely. For millennia, sound has been used as a tool for awakening deep states of consciousness, relaxing the body and correcting energy imbalances. The location and positive energy of the Bled Rose Hotel are sure to add to the experience.
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  • The day should start with the delicious breakfast that is already waiting for you at our Rose Restaurant.
  • Pick up energy with detox drinks that you can prepare yourself, more information on the benefits of the drinks and their composition is provided by our professional and friendly staff. Be sure not to forget the potion to boost your immune system.
  • Then, at 9:00 am, the first one-hour Qi gong exercise and a one-hour theoretical workshop are conducted on the green in front of the hotel, otherwise in the hotel, under the watchful eye of experienced and internationally renowned trainers.
  • Lunch is served at noon or at the Rose Restaurant or picnic basket, equipped with a balanced meal and a map showing the recommended outdoor lunch locations.
  • You can use the available time between morning and afternoon workout to explore Bled, walk around the lake, or take a bike ride to the natural wonder of the Vintgar Gorge.
  • In the late afternoon, at 4:00 pm, we continue with workshops, one-hour Qi gong training and one-hour theoretical practice. The same as in the morning, they are performed partly inside the hotel and partly outdoors.Đ
  • Following is a delicious, rich and healthy dinner at the Rose Restaurant, where we suggest an accompaniment with excellent Slovenian wines or another drink from the rich Rose Bar range. Do not forget about our rich offer of Gorenjska teas.
  • After dinner, we invite you to a relaxing socializing by the open fire on the hotel beach, which offers a great evening view of Lake Bled.
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  • This day also begins with a delicious breakfast, from 7.00 onwards, and a mandatory visit to the Golden Energy Point, where we calm down and enjoy the beautiful day we are witnessing.
  • The breakfast is followed by a one-hour Qi gong workout and a workout upgrade, a one-hour theoretical workshop.
  • A delicious, balanced lunch, made with local ingredients, will be served from 12.00 onwards at the beautiful Rose Restaurant or prepared at your choice in a picnic basket to be taken to your chosen location.
  • Qi gong training and theoretical workshops are be held in the afternoon between 4 pm and 6 pm.
  • Evening part will be very special when we go for a night hike around Lake Bled after dinner. The romantic company will be made with the moon and stars therefore our eyes will learn to see at night. We will be dressed in sportswear, as we will repeat the lessons we learned along the lake shore, which will further calm the body and prepare it for sleep.
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  • Even though this is the last day of the program, we will again dedicate time after breakfast to Qi gong exercises and theoretical green workshops in front of the hotel, when the exercises will also be recorded and then sent to your e-mail addresses. This way, you will be able to continue your exercises at home until the next meeting with us and keep your immune system in high alert.
  • To finish the program, we recommend that you continue to enjoy our Rose Restaurant after lunch while tasting our famous cream slices. Then take a stroll around Lake Bled, where, while admiring the natural beauties, you will finally realize that Bled is truly a paradise on earth worth returning to.
  • Depending on room availability, late check out will also be possible.

Based on ancient natural guidelines, we will learn in a 4-day program, always accompanied by Qi Gong exercises, that:

  • How to effectively relate to the daily cycle (day and night);
  • How to align with the annual cycle (four seasons);
  • When and what to eat according to the daily and annual cycle;
  • How to move and what emotions to calm down so that we do not restrain our energy reserves and maintain the vitality of our body and mind throughout the year.

Qi Gong is the skill of cultivating vital energy. It consists of gentle, attention-oriented movements and simultaneous conscious breathing. The skill was developed by ancient sages in China, who lived in constant contact with nature and learned the path through which vital energy circulates in nature and in man.

More on cycles

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AUTUMN (body, sowing, action)
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  • In the fall, we prepare the earth for a re-cycle of harvest. The soil is cleared of old roots and stones, fertilized and ready for new seeds. In the human creative cycle, autumn is a time of preparing the physical body for new challenges. It is important to cleanse the body and release it so that it becomes flowing and open to new information. The mind is supposed to support the physical body in the fall in a way that respects the wisdom of the body and helps it purify old patterns. If the mind is too active, which means that we are thinking too much about the outcome of the results, it can predetermine and change the course of the internal creative process before it has time to unfold naturally.
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WINTER (energy body or vitality, roots, maturation)
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  • Winter is a time of darkness and silence. Nature is seemingly resting, and the seeds of the earth do their autonomous work: they open up, leave their roots in the earth, and feed on its essential nutrients. Just as the seeds in the earth are activated, the psychic potential of the inner creative spark is activated in man, which means that this potential moves into the depths of the individual’s personality and into the collective unconscious. Like the roots of a tree in a forest, the potential of human depth is linked to the unconscious, where it is nurtured by the collective wisdom of our ancestors ’heritage and the mystery of the source.
  • Winter is a sacred time, because then the vitality or the energy world, the collective unconscious, and the source are connecting. Even though there is a sense of stillness, there are extraordinarily powerful forces at work that will stimulate regeneration and the potential of the creative spark to blossom into full bloom in the spring. Our mind is in winter in a state of acceptance and humble respect, not behaviour! The mind rests and with patience, in a state of acceptance, monitors the maturation of the natural process, though it does not see beyond. Humility, however, is born out of the awareness that the creative process does not currently need its active help. It can happen that our mind, due to impatience or mistrust, interrupts the creative process, which requires us to have complete confidence in the unknown.
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SPRING (heart, budding, diversity)
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  • Spring is a time of fragrant budding, spontaneity, contrasts and celebration of diversity. For our creative process, this is a time when we open our hearts, take a deep breath and pay attention to our inner emotional experience. Our inner psychic space is in a state of mindfulness perceives raw sensations or feelings that reflect our creative spark and are translated into our consciousness as bodily states emotions. This is the stage when the seeds sown in winter are first incarnated. In the second part of spring, it is necessary to distinguish between seeds that will bear fruit and among seeds that were only a temporary manifestation.
  • It is important to see each new idea as it is, without conditioning on previous experience. At this stage, we still do not involve our mind, but unconditionally trust the process of creation.
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SUMMER (mind, harvest, celebration)
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  • Summer is a time of harvest, sharing, gratitude, and celebration. It is also a time of rest and peaceful contemplation. Fruits represent ideas or seeds for further use. In addition, if the mind has followed all previous stages with the right attitude then, even now the individual will be able to figure out which seeds of fruit it is worth keeping. Summer is a time when the mind is an active seed interpreter, and at the same time, we are open to the transcendent, which illuminates our mind with inner insights that represent to us the integration of the whole process.


  • 5 days (1 x per month), 23.06.-28.06., 21.07.-26.07., 25.08.-30.08., 22.09.-27.09., 20.10.-25.10., 17.11.-22.11.


Package price: From 185€ per person per night*

*for a package of 4 nights / 5 days

Tourist tax and registration are not included in the price and are paid separately.

Terms: Reservation via website, email and phone, confirmation by credit card. The reservation is confirmed with the payment of 30% in advance.

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Contact us at or call +386 (0) 4 579 6000

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From 185€ per person per night*

*for a package of 4 nights / 5 days

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