7-day carefree family holidays at Bled Rose hotel

For families that wish to escape the binds of time…

Short program description

  • Family holidays at the Bled Rose Hotel offer safe, healthy, fun and carefree spending of precious holiday time.
  • This is especially important for us this year when we have become closer as a family than ever before. The most beautiful and best adventures that will stay in our memory forever are the ones we spend with our family.
  • Bled, the pearl of Slovenia, with its natural beauty and offer of exceptional experiences is truly an ideal place for short or long holidays.
  • In the recently completely renovated Bled Rose Hotel with an exceptional location in the middle of a green park, which ensures a peaceful and undisturbed sleep, in the immediate vicinity of Lake Bled, we have prepared a varied program of adventures and activities for your family.
  • There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy summer swimming. In any case, the closest one is in the hotel pool, the experience can be enhanced by relaxing in the outdoor jacuzzi and sauna. Refreshments, desserts, delicious ice creams are always at your fingertips in front of the pool. However, if you want refreshments in the lake water, this opportunity, closest to the hotel, is offered at the public lido under the castle or at the slightly more distant Velika Zaka beach. Otherwise, it is possible to swim in designated places in Lake Bled. All you must do is walk around the lake and find your fairy-tale spot.
  • We are convinced that this holiday will be an unforgettable memory for both you and your youngsters travelling with you.
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The program includes:

  • 6 nights stay in a double room with rich breakfast, lunch and dinner included. The food is seasonally coloured with the choice of several different menus; in addition to children’s and standard, we also offer vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and a special menu to strengthen the immune system. You can also choose from a variety of detox and immune system boosters.
  • Personal gift upon arrival.
  • Organized childcare.
  • Daily morning visit to the Golden Energy Point, a valuable feature of our hotel.
  • Morning guided exercise in the hotel’s heated pool.
  • Unlimited use of the heated indoor pool with RGB lighting and ambient music.
  • Use of Finnish and Turkish saunas.
  • Relaxation in the outdoor jacuzzi and outdoor sauna.
  • Free rental of picnic basket / backpack instead of daily lunch; the basket / backpack is also suitable for cycling or motorcycling.
  • Possibility to rent hiking poles for free.
  • Discount when renting ordinary and electric bicycles.
  • Free bicycle storage.
  • Free rental of two bikes for 2 hours.
  • Fun treasure hunt.
  • We will be happy to provide you with the following at an additional cost:
  • Družinsko vstopnico za Pustolovski park Bled;
  • Family ticket for Bled Adventure Park;
  • Ticket for Adventure Mini golf panorama and gold-digging activities.
  • Pletna boat tickets and tickets for the Bled Island.
  • Ticket for Vintgar gorge.
Brezskrbne pocitnice Vsebina 02
Brezskrbne pocitnice Vsebina 01

Program description

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  • Arrival at the hotel and accommodation in selected rooms available from 2pm. Upon arrival, a little gift will be waiting for you in the rooms as a sign appreciation from the hotel. Probably tired from the journey you will have a little rest, later we recommend a relaxed stroll along the shore of Lake Bled, you can also simply start enjoying the hotel summer beach, swim in the hotel’s indoor pool or enjoy an outdoor jacuzzi.
  • At 6.30 pm we will invite you to dinner at the Rose restaurant, which will be prepared by our chef with special attention and thinking of your youngest ones and those slightly older. Harmonious flavours of natural, locally grown ingredients will await you. Choose from the standard, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free menu, immune system boost menu and baby menu. At a delicious dinner, we suggest accompanying excellent Slovenian wines or any other drink from our wide range at the Rose Bar.
  • After dinner, we invite you to a romantic gathering by the open fire on the hotel beach with a beautiful view of Lake Bled.
  • In case of bad weather during the holidays, your newcomers will be able to spend some time in our casino under the watchful eye of the animator, where they will be able to show their creative side and have fun, and you, parents, will be able to relax at our wellness centre *. , massages, chromotherapy and VIP spas are a rich treasure trove of complete pampering and relaxing experiences. * extra charge according to the price list
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  • You will speed up your morning awakening with a morning workout in the hotel pool.
  • You will continue the day with a delicious breakfast prepared at our Rose Restaurant; delicious pancakes will not be missing. Do not forget our detox and immune boosters, which you can prepare yourself. More information about the benefits of drinks and their composition will be provided by our professional and friendly staff in the restaurant.
  • After breakfast, we invite you to visit the hotels special feature, the Golden Energy Point, where you will hear and feel your body, listen to your heartbeat, be aware of your breathing and feel relaxed and connected to your being, reaching your full energy potentials and feel the energy of the universe – recommended for the whole family.
  • Filled with energy, you can then devote your time towards sunbathing and swimming in our pool, or head across the park to the nearby public lido under the castle with several fenced pools filled with lake water and slides. However, you can take a walk around the lake and discover your own romantic spot where you can enjoy swimming and lounging all day long.
  • Do not forget to bring bird food, suitable for animals and at the same time harmless to the lake which you will receive at the reception upon arrival at the hotel. Feeding ducks and swans is a special experience for the whole family.
  • Your little ones will enjoy swimming and splashing in the blue waters Lake Bled, and of course parents will enjoy it as well.
  • A delicious dinner follows, which will be served from 6.30 pm onwards.
  • After dinner, as every night during your stay at our hotel, we invite you to have a romantic getaway by the open fire on the hotel beach with a magnificent view of Lake Bled.
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  • Before breakfast starts, your entire family will be fully awakened by a guided morning exercise at the hotel’s indoor pool.
  • Followed by a mandatory visit to our Golden Energy Point.
  • From 7-10. We invite you to a healthy and rich breakfast, where there will be no shortage of children’s delicacies, and our staff will make sure that your little ones feel great too. Do not forget our detox drinks and the specialty of our hotel, a drink for strengthening the immune system, which all members of your family can prepare themselves. More information about the benefits of drinks and their composition will be provided by our professional and friendly staff in the restaurant.
  • After breakfast you can take a bike ride through Bled and then enjoy the sun, swim, read, listen to music on the hotel’s summer beach or at one of Bled’s swimming areas.
  • From 19.00 onwards, a delicious dinner awaits you in the Rose restaurant, which we will complement with a selection of delicious grilled burgers, which will particularly delight your youngsters.
  • After dinner, as you do every night during your stay at our hotel, we invite you to socialise by the open fire on the hotel beach with a magnificent view of Lake Bled.
  • You can go for a walk by the lake or around Bled and enjoy the summer evening how you prefer it best.
  • After a long and wonderful day, you will enjoy a peaceful sleep in our completely renovated rooms
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  • You have probably already found that the Golden Energy Point has a great effect on you, so make the most of it.
  • Don’t forget the guided exercise at the hotel pool
  • A healthy and varied breakfast awaits you from 07:00.
  • Then it is time to enjoy swimming in the hotel pool, soaking in the outdoor jacuzzi, sunbathing and doing everything that makes you most happy and relaxed. You can enjoy homemade ice cream and cold drinks at our outdoor summer bar. Alternatively, you can choose to swim in the lake or visit your ‘fairyland’, adventure park or your Adventure Mini Golf Panorama with your young ones.
  • From 6.30 pm we will prepare a family dinner on the candle lit terrace under the stars and the sounds of pleasant ambient music, so you can also dance.
  • If you wish, you can join us after dinner on the hotel beach and enjoy the charms of a summer evening and the hotel bar’s rich offer.
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  • What could be better after a morning exercise than a delicious breakfast on the hotel terrace overlooking the beautiful Lake Bled, the green park and the hotel lawn by the pool? Parents will be able to drink their morning coffee in peace while the children play in the fresh air on the lawn.
  • Then breakfast is followed by swimming in the pool, sunbathing, playing and lounging on the summer beach and enjoying delicious homemade ice cream and cold drinks.
  • A surprise awaits toddlers and slightly older children at 11 am – TREASURE HUNT. In the shade of the luscious treetops in the park next to the hotel, the children will be eagerly searching for the treasure, with the help of our staff. Trust us, your children will be extremely excited.
  • At 3pm we will organize KARAOKE, for everyone with hidden singing talent and all those who are curious and really wish to give it a try and who will experience their singing baptism that day. Fun will be provided ?.
  • The hotel’s children’s playroom will be occupied by children, or at least those who will get tired of splashing on the water that day. Parents can also join their children and be creative, as the time spent with children is the time most fulfilling.
  • A delicious dinner will follow, which we will serve from 6.30 pm at our Rose restaurant, where you will find various tastes made of natural ingredients, all grown locally, next to your selected menu. To accompany a delicious dinner, we suggest excellent Slovenian wine or any other drink of your choosing and the choosing of your children from our Rose bar’s rich offer.
  • After dinner we invite you to a romantic party by the open fire with delicious homemade ice cream, a Bled Rose cocktail and of course the famous Bled cream cake, which is made exclusively from natural ingredients in our hotel.
  • Later you can take a stroll by the lake or through Bled, relax and get ready for a long and solid sleep.
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  • The day will start with a delicious breakfast after a morning exercise at the hotel pool and a must-visit Golden Energy Point, where you will relax and enjoy the wonderful day that is surely ahead of you. Breakfast is sure to include treats for your youngsters.
  • Then let yours and your family’s imagination run free. In these past few days, the Bled Rose Hotel and Bled itself have become familiar to you. For this day, choose what has attracted you and your family members the most, what has made you happiest and most fulfilling. Take a walk around the lake and maybe find your own romantic spot, where you will enjoy the beauty of this place and then take that beauty with you in your memory. Or enjoy being carefree on our hotel beach, since it provides everything you need for that for it, as your children are busy playing and having fun under the watchful eye of our animator.
  • From 7 pm onwards, we will prepare the last romantic family dinner at the hotel candle lit terrace under the stars accompanied with the sounds of pleasant ambient music.
  • After dinner, for the last time during your stay with us, we invite you to a romantic gathering by the open fire with a Bled Rose cocktail and various other drinks that our Rose bar has to offer.
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  • After breakfast, which will start as usual at 7.00 am for the early birds and last until 10.00 am for sleepyheads, and after the obligatory visit to the Golden Energy Point, we will unfortunately have to bid our farewells.
  • Some memories are unforgettable, some fade and therefore need to be captured in a photo because photography is a moment captured forever. At the end of your stay and all the unique experiences, our staff will take a picture of your family, which we will send to you by email at the desired address.


  • June, July, August


Package price: From 129€ per person per night*

* for a package of 6 nights / 7 days

Children up to 2 years old sleeping with parents stay free of charge;

Children 2-14 years old have a 30% discount on the basic bed;

Children 2-14 years old have a 40% discount on an extra bed;

Tourist tax and registration are not included in the price and are paid separately.

Terms: Reservation via website, email and phone, confirmation by credit card. The reservation is confirmed with the payment of 30% in advance.

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Contact us at hotel@bledrose.com or call +386 (0) 4 579 6000

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From 129€ per person per night*

*for a package of 6 nights / 7 days

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